RFI-2 patch

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RFI-2 patch

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2014.02.20 Release Notes


*Red Line, a Czervenian military train depot, available as a 12v12 FLO C4 mission (new game type - see below) as well as 6v6 and 12v12 extract missions
*New lit variant of Harbor Assault is available
*Night time version of Harbor Assault renamed to Harbor Assault Night and removed from rotation (still available via vote)
*Bridge Night similarly removed from rotation
*Each Harbor Assault showcases the new game type: Take & Hold (another new game type - again, see below)
*New version of Watchdog is available with the new C4 game type (old Watchdog is removed from rotation)

New Mission Type - C4

C4 is a new mission type where the attacker's goal is to arm and place a C4 charge at one of two objective locations. The defenders aim to prevent this by either eliminating the attackers or disarming a placed charge. The defenders may also win by securing a dropped C4 charge.

New Mission Type - Take & Hold

Take and Hold is a new mission type where each side's goal is to capture all objectives. Each objective may be take and retaken by each side. If time expires the team with the most objectives is declared the winner; if the teams are tied on objectives when time expires the round is a draw.

Server Settings

*Matches are now a best of 15 format for BDX and FLO maps by default
*Admins may set rounds per match to an even number
*Matches may now end in a draw
*Rounds in the new Take & Hold game type may end in a draw
*FLO round time is now five minutes; BDX round time is four minutes; admins may modify this as desired
*A separate server-defined variable now controls the wait duration on the round teams swap; by default this is an additional 10 seconds
*A new server variable, bPlayAllRounds, allows the admin to set it so all rounds of a match will be played (i.e. the match does not end when one team has won a majority of the rounds)
*Revives set to one by default


*Admin message lengthened and handles special characters correctly
*Numerical input for mouse sensitivity added
*Gamma calibration screen is now available in place of the brightness slider
*Players may now choose to unbind a command completely via the UI
*The upcoming map is displayed on the match AAR screen

Round One Experience

*Upon the start of a new match, players are put in free cam after selecting a team
*VOIP is available during this time
*Teams are auto-balanced prior to the start of the round one

Locations & Report In

*Map location labels are now displayed beneath the radar
*If you feel a location is mislabeled or additional labels are needed please post suggestions on the forums
*Players may now report in to teammates via the 'U' key; this key may be rebound as desired
*The report is received via text chat and includes player's location and status
*This feature is throttled to prevent spamming
*Secured and non-revivable players may not report in; players who are being choked out also may not report in


*Q and E now moves the free cam up and down
*Spectators now properly see the round countdown timer
*The compass & radar now remains up in all spectator camera modes
*Enhanced spectator UI is now available to dedicated spectators only (players on the spectate team); see below for more details

Enhanced Spectator UI

This UI is only available to players on the spectate team. It is enabled by default and may be toggled off via F4. While the UI enabled, spectators may quickly jump between player's points of view via hot keys (hot keys are number and shift+number keys).
Free cam positions may be bookmarked via shift-F5, shift-F6 and shift-F7; quickly jump to these positions by using F5, F6 and F7.
This feature should be considered to be in an ALPHA state.


*Accuracy cone on all weapons removed
*M9 and shotgun muzzle velocity and bullet lifetime adjusted; rounds from each now travel a much more realistic distance with expected bullet drop behavior
*Shotgun spread reduced (i.e. more accurate)
*New sight, the holosight, added to the M4 and M249
*Recoil on M249 decreased
*M249 causes a bit more suppression
*Recoil on M4 & M14 increased
*M4 and shotgun draw time following a sprint increased
*Sway on M4 increased
*Flashbangs no longer flash through walls
*Grenade throwing is now snappier and more responsive


*Footstep audio iterated on; footsteps noticeable further away
*Sprinting is a bit louder, crouch walking is a bit quieter; sighted movement produces less noise than before
*Prone movement volume significantly reduced
*Leaning no longer produces a sound beyond the local client
*Fixed issue where running and strafing would often drop footstep audio
*A take down produces much less noise now
*M9 firing audio pitched down
*"Hooah!" is louder


Characters no longer forced to take a few steps following a hurdle, vault or mantle


*Launcher layout addressed for increased usability
*Controls can be adjusted from within the launcher (button found on the Settings page)
*Players may now mark servers as favorites or blacklist undesirable ones via a right click option
*Launcher now links directly with your profile on the America's Army webpage


*US soldiers now come with one of three sets of randomly selected eye protection lenses
*When grabbing ammo the magazine with the smallest ammo count is replaced; no longer is an empty magazine required
*F9 may be used to take screenshots; this key may be rebound if desired
*Admin command to pause now actually pauses the match (freezes players in place)
*Take down distance reduced to two meters (was 2.5 meters)
*Prone take down attempts are much more reliable now
*Loading screens have distinct tips for low, mid and high level players
*Players recover from suppression a bit quicker
*AFK timer is now properly two minutes
*Players are informed when they may no longer be revived
*Honor cap raised to 100
*When the flag is dropped defenders do not see a HUD icon for it
*NVG effect on night maps improved
*In order for a vote to pass there must be 1) more yes votes than no's and 2) one yes vote for every three eligible voters (i.e. on a full 12v12 server, a least eight yes votes are required to change the map)
*Double kills should be a very rare occurrence now

Known Issues

*When arming, disarming or securing the C4 charge from a crouch position the first person camera pops into a standing position for the duration of the animation; the character is not actually standing and remains crouched.
*When securing the C4 charge from prone the character will pop into a crouched position.
*Attempting to sight up and begin a sprint nearly simultaneously can sometimes put the character into a slow sprint state; stop moving for a moment or change posture to get out of this state.
*Players will rarely lose the ability to report in when down.

These issues and more will be addressed in a post RFI-2 patch.

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