release notes for the update on Thursday 05 June 2014

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release notes for the update on Thursday 05 June 2014

Bericht door Remkot » 05 jun 2014, 15:04

Shoot House Release Notes

There is too much to list in a forum post, but here are a few of the headlines:

•Single player training experience available, shoot houses, with mission editor support to create your own and share on the Steam Workshop
•Mission editor is available in 32 and 64 bit .exe
•x64 Mission editor will give you an option to "cook" your maps when publishing, which decreases their size
•You can publish from the Advanced Editor now
•Giunta Range is back in the game, it is a range with all the weapons available and no time limit
•M16 is available, and many other weapon changes...
•Player count on the HUD is now off by default and you won't see how many players are still alive on the enemy team on the scoreboard
•5 second un-secure timer is no longer visible

Berichten: 4104
Lid geworden op: 17 nov 2009, 13:00
Locatie: Oosterbeek
Status: Offline

Re: release notes for the update on Thursday 05 June 2014

Bericht door Remkot » 05 jun 2014, 15:05

2014.06.05 Release Notes

Shoot Houses
•Six single player shoot houses are now available, look for them in the Launcher:
•Scoring is based on number of targets hit, accuracy and speed. Hitting a friendly target will result in a significant score penalty. Each shoot house has an associated leader board. This leader board is displayed at the end of each shoot house and may also be viewed within the Launcher.
•Six new achievements, one for each shoot house, are available.
•Map makers may create their own shoot houses and upload them to the Steam Workshop. A leader board will be generated for each user made shoot house.

Mission Editor
•"Cooking" added to publish process when using 64-bit editor - maps now 'cook', making them much smaller. Users cannot edit maps they subscribe to after this change; only the uncooked version may be edited.
•64-bit Advanced and Mission Editors now available
•Publishing maps from the Advanced Editor is now available
•Progress notifications added to build process (still a work in progress)
•Improvements to auto-generation and handling of cover nodes in mission editor (for supported firing positions)
•Baseline suppression settings set to ensure all UMMs have the same suppression effects as official maps
•Shoot house map type added to Mission Editor templates, along with shoot house-related actors (targets, etc)
•Several crashes and small bugs fixed
•Added the ability to add Steam Workshop tags to a map prior to publishing
•"Shift" hot key added to object placement mode in Mission Editor, allows rotation and multiple placement of a specific object

Giunta Range
•After an absence the Giunta Range is available once more from the Launcher; the range is named after U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta
•This is a self-guided range where players are free to experiment with the various weapons, optics and grenades available in the game
•Changes since last appearance:
◦M16A4 added to timed target course and shooting range, available optics on weapons updated
◦Shooting range targets changed to use the opfor camo variant from the shoot houses
◦Multiple paths out of intended play space closed

•New weapon added - M16A4; it has three round-burst and single fire capability
•The ACOG optic has been removed as an option from the M4A1; it is available on the M16A4
•Auto fire has been removed from the M14; the weapon now has a 20 round magazine
•Reloads interrupted by many actions (such as going prone) will now auto-complete at the next opportunity
•Iron sights for the M4A1 have been extensively reworked - try them out! (M16A4 has similar iron sights)
•Various weapon behavior changes (see below)

Weapon Behavior
•Weapon behavior has seen significant changes. It is loosely modeled after AA 2.3 and 2.8.5.
•While unsighted all weapons have an accuracy cone; a shot fired when unsighted will land somewhere within this cone. The cone varies from weapon to weapon, with the M14 having a larger cone than the smaller, lighter weapons. The cone is larger following a sprint, when moving and when low on health (25 or below) and is smaller when crouched, prone or anchored. A widget similar to the AA2 Combat Efficiency Meter (CEM) is in the works for a future release.
•When sighted all weapons fire with pinpoint accuracy, however some bullet drop over long distances should be expected and compensated for.
•Recoil is 15% less when sighted for the M9, M4A1 and M16A4, 30% less for the M249 and 50% less for the M14.
•Sway is no longer between random points within an area; it is now a deterministic elongated figure 8. It is smaller when crouched, prone or anchored and larger following a sprint, when moving or when low on health (25 or below). The M14, with its long barrel, has a more significant sway then the other weapons. Hold breath now reduces the amount and speed of sway. It has a minimum duration of 2.5 seconds and a maximum of 6; this time is based on stamina.
•Sight up times have been slightly increased for most weapons. Most weapons require 0.35 seconds to sight. The shotgun and M9 are a bit quicker at 0.3 and 0.22.
•Sprint draw times (the delay coming out of a sprint before a weapon may be fired) have been made more consistent. The time is 0.35 seconds for most weapons, 0.3 for the shotgun and 0.22 for the M9.
•The M249 suppression per round has been increased ; the M4A1 generates less (M16A4 suppression values matches the M4A1).

•Smoke and FOG grenade effects updated; the particles produced from these are far more efficient and hit performance significantly less
•Grenades may now be thrown immediately out of a sprint (previously there was a small animation delay)
•An brief animation is now in place for when a FOG, stun or smoke grenades cooks off while being held (frag grenades detonating in this fashion is still lethal)

•Player count on the HUD is now off by default
•Friendly player status (up/down) always updates on the scoreboard
•The five second secure timer is no longer displayed when a player is secured
•Default crosshair type changed to "thin hollow cross"; this may be changed via the ESC menu as before
•New VOIP indicators in place
•Punkbuster pb_sv say messages now appear in the text chat
•A dialog box will now appear upon joining a server where stats are not being reported for any reason
•Added options to disable dynamic lights and tracer lights for low-end machines
•Various HUD and UI optimizations; end result is these systems hit the CPU much less overall
•Scoreboard now handles very high round counts (for those who love the best-of-99 format)

•Prone look-up pitch limit set to 45 degrees
•Firing while sliding is now impossible with all weapons, grenades included
•A one second cooldown following a slide is in place
•Getting onto a ladder time reduced from one second down to 0.3 seconds
•Sensitivity reduction for sighted aiming now blended in over the sight-up time
•Prone characters able to crawl under some objects they could not before
•Reload animation is now considered complete once the magazine is seated
•Vault & mantle no longer allowed while interacting with an objective

•Withdrawn players who were neutralized but not secured may not talk to live teammates
•Revive and bandage audio now correctly syncs up with animations
•Improved handling of key buffers for teamspeak; end result is most instances of stuck VOIP indicators are fixed and VOIP is not unexpectedly cut off
•Manually dropping the flag or C4 no longer plays the global audio cue

Server Settings
•Player count on the HUD is now off by default
•ForbidGrenadeTime split into BDX and FLO versions
•BeginningOfRoundDelay reduced to 10 seconds from 15; SwapRoundDelay reduced to 5 seconds from 10
•MaxSpectators changed to 8 from 24
•iMaxClients (number of team speak clients) increased to 32 from 24

· fAmbientVolume, fCommsVolume, fBattleRattleVolume removed from DefaultGame.ini
•Default map rotation order adjusted
•Comments for users and admins alike added to DefaultGame.ini

Miscellaneous Fixes
•Added server-side checks to prevent take downs of targets who are not in range
•If a player is not on the winning team at the start of the round they will receive no points for the victory
•Shattering glass is a much smaller performance hit than previously
•The last player on a server no longer becomes stuck on the AAR screen
•Fixed a (rare) server crash resulting from killing an anchored player
•Using Withdraw or an Exit to escape a take down still credits a take down and a death to the appropriate parties
•Attacker weapon properly hidden during take downs
•Fixed an issue where characters could get into a bad state and eventually be killed by jumping on the edges of some objects
•It is no longer possible to have two or more players securing or disarming the same C4 package at once
•Fix for various audio cues playing past the end of the round into the AAR screen(s)
•Fix for a rare occurrence where a character would be bleeding without any indication on the health bar
•Server and client log has much less spam now
•Fixed an issue where a hitch would occur when getting shot for the first time
•Fix for binding Withdraw to a key and spamming the activity feed with chickens
•Running to the spectator team will no longer avoid a vote kick
•Fix where the Rank Up! animation would appear on the AAR if exactly zero honor was earned
•Round time will no longer fall below 00:00 under some circumstances
•Fix for crosshair vanishing following C4 arm/disarm/secure with a grenade equipped
•Fix for Team Select and Deploy Screen sometimes not opening properly at the start of a match
•Interrupting a take down no longer results in a "zombie" player
•Take downs through objectives and other meshes is no longer possible
•Fix for diving or sliding rarely resulting in the client and server getting out of sync
•The revive option is now available immediately following a dive; previously a small unintentional delay was present
•Fix for revive & secure sometimes being unreliable when prone
•Fix for bodies sometimes vanishing when using the third-person orbit spectate camera
•Arm no longer twists while holding the shotgun sighted
•C4 arm/disarm/secure animations properly pause at round end
•Fixed several spots on Redline where players could become stuck
•Fixed various spots on Harbor Assault and Hospital where players could reach unintended areas
•Fix for occasionally being revived with an upside-down view
•Fixed an error where suppression would sometimes stop being applied
•Fix for reviving players appearing to slide around on other clients under rare circumstances
•Revived players should now always be revived in the direction their camera is facing

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