Weapon Changes for RFI-3

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Weapon Changes for RFI-3

Bericht door Remkot » 24 jun 2014, 15:11

wanted to share what the planned upcoming changes for RFI-3 are when it comes to weapons. Don't expect any sweeping changes at this point; the accuracy cone is likely here to stay and recoil will stay about where it is now. However I'll be happy to hear any arguments for changes, whatever they may be.

*Reducing the ADS time for the M4 and M16 to .33 (sprint draw time remains .35)

*M14 sprint draw time increased from 0.35 to 0.4
*M14 accuracy cone 7% larger

*Pistol is restored to the way it was prior to this last patch (the change to the behavior was not intentional)

*Giving the shotgun a small number of pre-determined shot patterns and randomly choosing one, as opposed to a new, random pattern each time
*Sighting up with the shotgun will insure the shot pattern is centered; firing unsighted will result in a bit of float to where the pattern is centered

*Moving while prone and sighted much less accurate than before

Low Health
*Low health accuracy and recoil penalties kick in at below 60 health and scale up as health drops

*Blurring the area outside of the current scopes with magnification (such as the ACOG)
*Red dot, iron sights and the holo scope have no such blurring effect


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Re: Weapon Changes for RFI-3

Bericht door Lavalys » 27 jun 2014, 07:34

Thnq for the info kotje

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