Game Update 7 Aug 2014

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Game Update 7 Aug 2014

Bericht door Remkot » 07 aug 2014, 14:22

Maps downloaded from the Workshop will update on the server automatically when they are updated on the Workshop
Added new server option to use server side hit detection for all weapons (bUseServerSideHitDetection = true under AAGame.AAGameReplicationInfo in DefaultGame.ini)
Caught and fixed and issue that would (very) rarely crash the server
Added server logs for secure, unsecure, revive, and player spotted events
Removed numerous unneeded client and server logging items
Fixed an issue where one could not join a server as an admin

Option to display framerate added under the Video settings; this is identical to the STAT FPS console command
Server broswer button removed from Shoot House UI
Fixed issue with the map vote list not being properly populated
Slums and Coldfront AAR next map images are no longer blurry
Switching between settings menus no longer causes some options to appear blank
The hit detection setting (server or client-side) setting is listed on the Server Info screen

Closed off unintended play areas in Coldfront
Added map descriptions to Coldfront and Slums
All roles numbers are now identical for both teams across all maps
M249 ammo bags on the Guinta range no longer clip into the table
Fixed issue where grenades would not collide with a staircase on Breach

Random sway position upon ADS removed
Two additional magazines added to M4 and M16; M14 and M24 got an additional magazine; shotgun got an extra 10 shells
M4 and M16 recoil (sighted and unsighted) increased slightly
Dud smoke grenades have been removed from stockpiles (fix for smoke grenades sometimes not working)

Fixed an issue where players would sometimes pop up upon a revive
Fixed issue where players in tatical movement would sometimes appear to be facing a different direction to other players
Players who die while defusing the bomb can no longer continue to defuse while they are down
Mission Editor – Users may once again copy volumes in the full editor
Fixed a cosmetic issue where one leg would twist unnaturally upon landing while jumping and sprinting
Impact effects on your character do not appear in first person; this will increase performance during firefights for most machines
Fixed issue where a player could be revived by a player who died in mid-revive
Players no longer stuck in acton cam at the start of a new match
Fixed an issue where empty logs would sometimes be created
Closed several exploits where, among other things, unscrupulous players could theoretically unsecure and/or revive themselves
All dialog audio loaded upon game start; this should remove many of the early game hitches players could experience

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