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Next update preview

Bericht door Remkot » 04 sep 2014, 13:19

We have a smallish release planned for, well I can't say exactly when, but not too far off.

There are a number of weapon changes in it, most of them small tweaks. I wanted to give people a preview.

The M24 bolt cycle time is bumped up to 1.7 seconds. Currently it is 1.3 seconds (the UI incorrectly displays it as 1.6 in your build).

Recoil is increased for all weapons by a small amount. Probably not as much as some would like but it is noticeable.

Health penalties will kick in at 80 health instead of the current 60 and ramp up as health decreases. Sway will also be impacted by low health.

Accuracy cones for all weapons increased; unsighted fire will be more difficult. The M14 and M24 both have substantially larger accuracy cones.

We are looking at the following for ADS times (in seconds):

M4: .28 (was 0.33)
M16: 0.3 (was 0.33)
M9: 0.22 (unchanged)
Shotgun: 0.25 (was 0.3)
M249: 0.35 (unchanged)
M14: 0.35 (unchanged)
M24: 0.4 (was 0.35)

ADS time out of a sprint is uniformly a tenth of a second more for all weapons (add 0.1 to the above times).

The M24 ADS animation has been tweaked so that it no longer provides a scoped view prior to the end of the animation. This made the ADS time feel shorter than it actually was.

A rather dramatic change is ADS movement speed. Currently when ADS the character moves at a standardized reduced rate. We are looking to scale this up or down based on weapon and/or optic.

The preliminary numbers:

*M4/M16 iron sights: 1.2x normal ADS speed
*M4/M16 + red dot: 1.0
*M16 + ACOG: 0.8
*M9: 1.2
*Shotgun: 1.0
*M249 + red dot: 1.0
*M249 + ELCAN: 0.8
*M14 + ACOG: 0.65
*M14 + Mk4: 0.6
*M24: 0.5

There are a few other small item but these are the bulk of the changes coming.

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