RFI-4 Update: Weapon Drop and Pick Up

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RFI-4 Update: Weapon Drop and Pick Up

Bericht door Lavalys » 11 sep 2014, 09:26

Players drop their weapon when they are secured or can no longer be revived. Only primary weapons (M4, M249, etc) will drop; the M9 will never be dropped.

Once on the ground anyone may pick up a dropped weapon via the interaction command. A dropped weapon has all of the rounds it had in it when dropped plus all the extra magazines. The optic also goes with the weapon.

Any class may pick up any weapon, thus a rifleman may pickup a dropped M24.

A player can carry two primary weapons (i.e. an M4 and a M249) plus the secondary (M9). Attempting to pick up a third primary will result in one of the carried primary weapon being dropped.

Only U.S. weapons are scheduled for this release; enemy weapons are in the works.

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Re: RFI-4 Update: Weapon Drop and Pick Up

Bericht door Remkot » 17 sep 2014, 10:25

RFI-4 Coming September 25th!

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