Release Notes – 17 Dec 2014

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Release Notes – 17 Dec 2014

Bericht door Remkot » 18 dec 2014, 16:02

Changes•Securing the bomb in C4 missions when dropped is disabled by default, can be enabled in server config
•Added setting in Mission Editor to turn off lighting while editing to increase performance (Tools -> View Mode -> Unlit)
•Added setting in Mission Editor to view wireframe mode (Tools -> View Mode -> Wireframe)

Bug Fixes•Fix for shaders being recompiled every time a custom map loads
•Fix for picked up weapons not having ammo if you picked them up while reloading
•Sighted accuracy now takes effect slightly before sighted blend is complete. Sight time now respects shorter blend when resighting before unsighting is complete
•Weapon sway no longer starts before fully sighting up
•Fixed several crashes in the launcher
•Entire map name must be supplied in the “votechangemap” console command

Maps•Can no longer walk on a small ledge in Hospital Lobby
•Fixed an issue with Hospital Statue not blocking bullets
•Fixed an issue where a hay patch was blocking grenade explosions on Intercept
•Fixed an issue where players could walk along unintended ledge on Harbor Assault

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